PrePlanning Funeral Services

Pre-planning your own funeral is a thoughtful way to ease the burden on your loved ones after your passing, which is why our caring professionals at Universal Mortuary Service, Inc. offer this service. Planning a funeral in advance confers many benefits to you and your family, and our experienced and dedicated team is able to assist you with all types of pre-planned funerals. We can help you to choose affordable and personalized options that are consistent with your preferences and that will lead to a memorable and loving funeral experience.
When you choose to pre-plan your funeral, we'll meet with you in our comfortable office to get started on your plans. We'll work with your life insurance, trust funds or mutual funds to pay for the costs, or you can pay with check, credit card or cash in advance. We offer pre-planning for funeral services of all types. If you prefer cremation and would like an urn to hold your ashes, you can arrange for us to do that. You'll be able to choose your own urn or wooden box to hold your remains. If you would like a casket and burial, we'll work with you to select a casket. You can even choose your floral arrangements, candles, guest register and thank-you notes during the pre-planning process. If you prefer, you can even bring in your funeral clothes.

Our funeral planning specialists at Universal Mortuary Service, Inc. are ready to help guide you through the process of planning your own funeral. We welcome you, your spouse, your children and your other family members to come in and meet with us. You can also come in and do a meeting with us on your own. Call us today at (202) 723-1075 to schedule a time to meet with us.
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