Islamic Funeral Services

When your loved one has passed away, the professionals at Universal Mortuary Service, Inc. are ready to offer traditional Islamic funeral services. We're able to provide your family member or loved one with a traditional Islamic funeral and burial service within 24 hours of their passing, in accordance with the Quran. We do everything that is necessary in order to honor the memories of your loved one and to respect your family traditions.
Our Islamic funeral services include a traditional washing or cleansing of the body. This Islamic wash is done to prepare your loved one's spirit and body for acceptance into heaven in accordance with Islamic tradition. We're also able to use oils for the body preparation as a way to mask odors and to bring you long-lasting memories of your loved one's faithfulness. Our staff is culturally sensitive, and we're ready to answer any questions that you have for us about our Islamic body preparation and funeral services.

Our caring and dedicated staff has served the needs of the community since 1988. We hold you and your faith in the highest of respect, and we also perform Christian funeral services, cremations and military funerals. If there's anything that we can do to assist you through this difficult time, do not hesitate to ask. Call our Muslim funeral home today to meet with us at your earliest convenience.
Cemetery - Islamic Funeral Services in Washington, DC