Funeral Products

At Universal Mortuary Service, Inc., we understand that preparing for a funeral is a stressful time in your life. We're here to help you honor the memories of your loved one with beautiful and respectful funeral services and products. We focus on traditional funeral services for people of all faiths and backgrounds, though our Washington, D.C., business has a special focus on Islamic and Christian ceremonies. To help you provide the funeral that your loved one deserves, we offer specialty services, such as an Islamic wash. This gentle process is performed in accordance with the Quran.
Memorial Candlelight - Islamic Wash in Washington, DC
We also offer basic and full-service cremation options. You can select from our traditional- and contemporary-styled urns to hold your loved one's remains. For Christian funerals, we also have a collection of handmade wooden and metal caskets. Our caskets come in many styles to complement your loved one's life and your memories. If your loved one was a member of the armed services, we also offer coordinating flag holders so that the flag draped over his or her casket or hung near the urn can be properly folded and preserved as a cherished memento of his or her service.
Soldier Monument - Flag Holders in Washington, DC
In addition to the caskets, urns and flag holders that we offer, we can also help you with selecting lovely and vibrant flowers. You can choose from memory wreaths or floral spreads that showcase your love. We have options for bereaved spouses, children, grandchildren and other family members. We can even include a personalized ribbon, card or other items, such as your loved one's favorite stuffed animal. Call us at Universal Mortuary Service, Inc. today at (202) 723-1075 or send us an email at to learn more about our products.
Carnation Flowers Symbol Of Mourning - Flowers in Washington, DC